GPU-Based Tomographic Reconstruction

OData support
Dr. Csébfalvi Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Medical engineering and computed tomography are important areas of computer engineering. IT solutions applied in healtcare help doctors to give a more detailed and accurate diagnostics. This decreases the risk of medical failures during surgeries.

One of the classical devices used in tomographic reconstruction is the CT scanner which created 2D slices of the scanned volume. Nowadays it is possible to real-time reconstruct the volume data from these image slices and visualize it in 3D. This gives a more realistic and representative image about the inspected body structure.

In my thesis I studied tomographic reconstruction. I created a GPU-based CT reconstruction framework, capable of reconstructing 2D image slices from projections. The framework has a modular design and includes classical FBP and iterative algorithms. This provides real time reconstruction using FBP or higher quality, artifact-free iterative reconstruction. I made tests and measurements on real CT images and determined an optimal set of parameters for iterative CT.


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