Development of Ground Support Equipment for Supporting the Qualification Test of Smog-1 Student Satellite

OData support
Dr. Dudás Levente
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The topic of my thesis is the developement of a GSE (Ground Support Equipment) for the Smog-1 student satellite. I have been inventing both hardware and a software solution which can test the satellite subsystems and decide that they are suitable for the integration to the satellite.

The first part of the thesis is a description of the satellite structure focusing on the communication of subsystems and power supply solutions. These cognitions are indispensable to

create an appropriate device to test the subsystems before integration.

As for the designing process, my project is first considered as an independent subsystem. Measurements will be presented and evaluated in Chapter I.

The first step was to specify the structure of the test system to be suitable for all required tasks. After this I will consult with the other developer and consultant, and I will start to design the system. After the design the PCB layout will be created. When the PCB is ready, the components will be soldered, and the correct operation will be checked.

In the last part of the development I will design the embedded software. After choosing the actual subsystem, a full functional test will run and from the pre-defined values it can be decided that the subsystems is working properly. The other task of the software is to save the measured values to evaluate the results later.


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