Planning and implementing GSM mobile phone

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Dr. Max Gyula
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today’s accelerated world mobilphones have became the most important tools of relations and entertainment. The rapid development of them have transformed our everyday life.

The objective of this BSc thesis work is to design a PIC microcontroller based GSM mobilephone. The designed mobilephone has just a unit, which connects to network by GSM technology.

My thesis starts with the description of GSM technology. The description of hardware lasts more chapters. First I introduce piece of parts and consideration of selection of them. Then I write in detail the step of design of wiring diagram, in particular mistakes and deficiencies which was designed in circuit schematics. I emphasis supply circuit, becasuse I had to design constantly changing voltage level. A short chapter refers to special needs of PCB design and gained experiences at start of circuit.

Next, the software of the system is discussed, stepping through each module.

Finally, I write briefly about the experience of testing system, and draw further directions possibilities in the development.


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