Investigation of GSM-R Systems

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Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

This thesis is about the new dimension of railway communication I work on at the Nokia Siemens Networks. It is called GSM-R.

In the second chapter, I tried to make a summary about the GSM-R system and its background. I present the ERTMS and the projects of it.

In the third chapter, I introduce into the story of GSM-R. I write some historical premises of the GSM mobil radio communication system, which is the basis of the

GSM-R. I tried to show why it is. After I present some facts about the history of EIRENE (GSM-R).

In the fourth chapter, I present the requirements of the GSM-R according to the official functional and system requirement specification of the system. I write about the functions and their correct working we need in a GSM-R system.

The network architecture is presented in the 5th chapter. I write about the hardwares and the subsystems. It ends with the last subsystem which continues in the next chapter, because my working area destinated in this part of the system.

In the 6th chapter I present my job area and the field I work in. I have choosen an instructive problem with an interested solution to present. I write some words about the importance of testing also.

In the last part of the thesis, I made some words about the opportunities of the GSM-R int he future.


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