GSM-R Networks

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Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Thanks to the global spread and success of GSM technology the service of the system is well known wide hence is used regularly directly or indirectly. Beyond the public and regular application there are some special functional circumstances and situations existing in which the givens require specific technical solutions. In case of the GSM-R (GSM-Rail) system offering extra service made to the needs of railways, the system is capable of providing uninterrupted connection for high-speed railways and also the mentioned services with sureness. The purpose of this study is to introduce the system – which introduction contains the motivation and process of its creation, architectural construction and a review of the services – speaking of the special conditions and in order to accomplish those, of the technical requirements. This paper shows special point of views, problems coming up during the process of the design of railway mobile communication systems and their possible solutions considering its application. On the other hand it was also goal to create an application with smart usability in the course of designing GSM-R networks covering various design aspects so that it provides efficient help by working with it. The requirements referring to the application are detailed in the respective chapter, however, it can be stated that during the software development emphasis has been placed not only on fulfilling the strict technical requirements but also on develop an easy-to-use surface to this way make the program manageable and to ensure a universal applicability. The study ends with the evaluation of the results provided by the developed application in comparison to the previous expectations relating to the characteristics of the system.


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