Migrating a GWT and JSP-based Web System to Angular Framework

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Electronic administration plays an increasingly important role in people's life. It makes certain processes easier and makes some some of them automatable.

The Corporate Repository of Törökbálint – in Hungarian Törökbálinti Testületi adatTár, abbreviated as TTT – is a system made in 2008 that simplifies electronic administration. The developers of TTT used technologies that were modern then, but some of them are outdated now. It became necessary to modernize this system. The modernization process started with the frontend by migrating the GWT and JSP based frontend to use the Angular framework. My thesis describes the migration process with its difficulties and the decisions made to solve the problems.

Thanks to modern technologies the separation of client and server side became easier, as well as making client side calculations. For this purpose, I used the Angular framework. My job was to design the necessary guidelines to migrate the frontend and the backend and to make sure that resulting code is unified and well-structured. After that, I had to implement a compile-time code generator that makes the development process easier. I had to make all the necessary backend side changes. At last, I had to design and implement the frontend, which connects to the backend.

Thanks to these changes, the TTT counts today as a relatively modern and up-to-date system.


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