Development of the user and privilege handling module of a GWT based collaboration application

OData support
Budai Péter István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The relevance of my thesis is proved by the growing appearance of web-based solutions nowadays. Software development using related technologies (AJAX, JavaScript, PHP) requires a lot more effort than it is with traditional desktop applications, therefore a lot of software frameworks have been developed to address this issue. One of these frameworks is Google Web Toolkit (GWT), which simplifies the creation of web-based user interfaces with rich functionality, but does not always pay enough attention to security questions.

In this thesis I have developed the user and privilege handling module of a GWT based collaboration application. I demonstrate the GWT software development tools and their safety deficiencies.

The application module that I have developed is able to manage basic user informations and to perform authentication and authorization operations based on these data on the server side during RPC calls. Due to its modular design, the authorization module can be easily extended in the future with other modules of the collaboration application.

It was an important aspect of the development that the module well synergizes with and at the same time complements the existing security-related features of GWT.


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