Development of the project and task handling module of a GWT based collaboration application

OData support
Budai Péter István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, desktop applications are increasingly being adopted for web-based solutions that offer work opportunities independent of operating system and physical location. One of the wide-spread tools for developing these applications is the Java Script programming language. This language has a lot of disadvantages: it is not really capable of debugging nor supports strongly typed development. The Google Web Toolkit is a possible solution for these discommodities. With its help the code that was written in Java language gets translated into Java Script, to avoid the problems mentioned above.

My thesis paper introduces the development of a collaborative task management application module that has been developed at the department and is based on the GWT technology. This module is responsible for project/task management, assigning them to users, sorting them, and to manage user privileges.

In the beginning of the documentation part of this thesis paper I present the applied technologies (GWT, RPC, AJAX, JPA, etc.), followed by a detailed description of the design process including the class structure of the program along with the database schema design (using JPA). Furthermore, I discuss the implementation process, both for the server side and the client side and then the usage of the finished program from the user point of view. Finally, I evaluate the completed program, demonstrate the testing procedure and I present my future vision of the project.


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