Development of a Home Automation Gateway Device

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our rapidly developing world, microprocessors can be found in almost all electronic equipment. Over the last decades, not only the pace of development is spectacular, but costs are also decreasing heavily. Thus, more and more households can afford to use microprocessor-controlled devices. In the development the next stage is the following: communication between devices, data monitoring, information sharing. To do this, the Internet is the transmitting network, hence the name of the official theme: Internet of Things.

Building IT applications, home automation phrasing by the thesis topic is one form of the IoT. The thesis aims to present some home automation devices, specific equipment, the gateway device made by student, embedded software for this device, which is designed to allow building information technology devices having variety of communication interfaces (Ethernet, Bluetooth) to communicate. The main application works event-driven, thus each event generates a message which join the queue, where the main application processes them one by one. Finally, the author mentions a possible specific communication protocol and evaluate the solution he have developed, details future plans of development and opportunities for expansion.


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