Operation of gas fired power plants in the electricity and gas markets

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Sőrés Péter Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This thesis presents the operational model of the gas and electricity markets, particularly the participants, economic liberalization and the main differences between the markets.

In view of increasing number of renewable sources, I introduce the difficulties to maintain system flexibility by power plants. I examine the enviromentally friendly combined cycle gas power plants, which are more effective than traditional fossil plants and I explain the importance of the structural components. Plants are facing new market conditions like increased number of starts, less operating hours, decreasing megawatts generated, dropping average electricity prices and increasing carbon allowance costs. The operation of electric generating units at varying load levels for example on/off and minimum/maximum load operation, causes damage for the components. Shorter component life expectancies will result in higher maintenance costs to replace components at or near the end of their service lives.

Finally, I explore the relationship between the Clean Spark Spread values and the utilization of the gas power plants via Gönyű power plant’s last year (2016). In this analysis I make several calculations used the data series and I create a forecast for gas power plant’s pruduction depending on Clean Spark Spread values.


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