Reliability test of accelerator pedal position sensor

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Dr. Németh Pál
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays - due to the increasing pace of development - are being promoted in the the issue of the modern vehicle electronics "server", of several type sensors. The compliance with the increasingly stringent environmental requirements and the realization of safe, easy travel conditions significantly contribute the reliable and accurate facts demonstrating encoders. In addition the vehicle electronics control units use more and more information of the road and angle sensors from the existing sensor transmitters, so about the engine, such as the safety and comfort system as well. In the majority cases the traditional potentiometer with more or less success provides the displacements, rotations proportional to voltage. The potentiometer used in the car electronics has gone many multi-level changes and refinement through and has gained a new understanding. It is capable of adequate durability under extreme conditions, and provides operational safety as well. However, these the conditions would be ensured by the manufacturer producing car electronics components, this work will be preceded by strong research, planning, monitoring. My thesis is about the assessment of the realibility of the position sensors. In my writing I explicate the currently used types of accelarator position sensors and their characteristics. I present furthermore a type evasively the reliability examination of the sensor. The writing is divided into two main parts: an equipment testing functions, which examines the general characteristics of the product, and its reliability according to the strict standards; and a life test apparatus, which electronics has been designed and installed by me.


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