Building a web-based generic digital pass solution

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In today’s busy world, it has become more popular to implement different applications as a web application. Today, more and more platforms and more and more operating systems are available on the market. It is a natural demand for users to use every service on all their devices in the same way. Thanks to the constantly evolving client-side technologies, the boundary between desktop and thin client applications is becoming increasingly blurred. As a result, it is getting more and more popular to implement traditional desktop applications and systems in the web platform, as the various devices support this platform most widely. Nowadays a web browser is available from computers, through tablets and mobile phones, even on smart TVs and various smart devices.

During my diploma work I have participated in the development of a web based application for managing passes. My task was to get to know and use many client and server side technologies. The essay presents, for example, the AngularJS framework, Bootstrap, Google Maps map service and many other technologies. The specific task will be described in detail and the steps of its implementation will be presented. During the implementation, the technologies will be introduced in their proper environment. Finally, the topic will be evaluated and some of the possibilities for further development will be evaluated.


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