Design and Development of Generic Webshop Using Responsive Web Technologies

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The continuously evolving technical solutions and the systems based on and realized by these are leading our industries. The newly appearing fields are always in touch, constantly attracting and indicating each other causing a never ending evolution of the technology.

Based on this everlasting evolution of the industries, it automatically brings in context the further development of the web technologies, which have to keep up with the newer and newer trends and user requirements. More flexible, more faster more reliable and more user friendly systems must be developed, which provides a normal, everyday person without specific IT knowledge to interactively use these technologies. Around the world innumerous number of programmers, developers put their knowledge together in order to harmonize these technologies and provide frameworks which hide the underlying technology, but give easy methods to the users to quickly develop even complex web applications.

Since the "Start-Up are" started, the micro enterprises must catch up with these challenges in order to have a competitive website, on which they can successfully share their ideas, sell their products and keep in touch with the costumers. The presence on the internet is must to have and mandatory requirements for each enterprise.

The goal of my thesis is to create a web application (webshop) that is easy to use for anyone even one without specific informatics knowledge. A file need to be filled with the product information, uploaded to the page with the pictures if needed by the user and it is done. The products are on the internet. No need for development team or any significant programming skills, but its appearance is still competitive.

During the implementation I have learned a lot about the newest technologies to be introduced in the thesis, which make the application easy to use and more manageable.

The initial milestones and goals that were established at the beginning of the project were successfully achieved. To demonstrate the results a modern webshop were created with the developed framework, which incorporates only up-to-date web technologies, but the development still user friendly. I truly believe that the usability of such systems could help micro and middle size enterprises to start their online activities without any disadvantage.


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