GeoCache Application for the Windows Phone 8 Platform

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of the thesis is the process of planning and developing the ”geocache” application, during which a demonstration of the new and interesting mobile phone platform, the Windows Phone 8 also takes place. The main aim of the geoaching is that it can be used while its user is hiking. The geoaching with the help of a GPS device tries to find the so called geoboxes hidden in several remarkable places. The application provides wider information about the exact locations of the boxes and about the difficulties that one might face while approaching the locations. It serves as a database that not only stores information, but also able to plan pedestrian routes to approach the selected boxes. Moreover, it works as a weather forecaster, can be used as a camera, able to incorporate tour plans into the user’s calendar and contains a video about the major rules and requirements that are needed to be met while playing.

The thesis aims to present all the concerns and relations of the Windows Phone system so everyone can get a clear picture about how and through what steps the development and maintenance of the application happened. The demonstration of the application puts an emphasis on pointing out what features are different compared to other mobile phone platforms and what are the specific characteristics of it. Further sections of the thesis are devoted to present in detail the structure and the functions of the program through class diagrams and use-cases. A presentation of the application with the help of background pictures and code explanations will take place as well. Last but not least, further plans concerning the development and expansion of the application will be listed as well.


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