The Design and Development of Geodetical Web Applicaiton

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays GIS (Geographical Information Systems) applications are being used more often, because companies transfer their paper based maps to digital databases with them. Databases, which are created by geospatial analysis, include geospatial data of the ob-ject and other important attributes, should be used by an application which can present the data on a map and it can also provide a list view, where users can search and filter without knowing the SQL language. It is very important that the filtering is comforta-ble, the controller of the filtering should be in the header of the columns.

Every object should have a data page where the user can modify every attributes which are in the database, also it should show the pictures of the object. The map should be reachable from the data page, the user should be able to switch to the map with one but-ton click, and also the map should zoom to the object. It is very important that the map have a switchable base map, because it is useful to the users when they can view the object on top of a satellite map instead of the normal map.

Because nowadays internet connection is available almost everywhere the application should run on server side so the clients can access it with a browser from anywhere. The application should provide a comfortable and modern interface, customizable looks for geometries and access control because the web application should be as secure as possi-ble.

During my thesis I will create an application which fulfil these requirements, also I will provide background information about the used components, and do performance tests. It will be my primary object to choose technologies for the application which are new and widely used in the industry, so the knowledge I get can be useful later on.


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