The Application of Geothermal Power in the Power System

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays, the renewable energy sources is a relevant issue by the reason of that the traditional energy sources are running out and the effect of the global warming become bigger and bigger. It’s not well known that beside the sun, wind and water, the geothermal energy can be an alternative to the maintainable energy supplies. The using of earthheat is much better than the other renewable energy sources, because it’s independent of the meteorological conditions, so we can use it to provide electric power when the using of energy is at maximum level and when it’s at the minimum level. The importance of this chance is also manifested in that the power plant makes much lower harmful substances than the traditional power plants. The location of geothermal fields assign the location of the power plant, that’s why they can be used as decentralized plants. The necessary exploration, the establishment of the power plant and its surroundings and the maintain are workplace maker activities.

The purpose of my diploma work is to write a complete essay, that presents the history, the construction, the working, the opportunity of the application of the geothermal power plants and what kind of effects cause the procedure of their construction and working. Further my purpose is also to give a review to readers about the materialized geothermal utilization system found in the world and because the givens of Hungary referring to the geothermal energy sources are very good I would like to present the chance of the local utilization. In the end I explain the procedure of licensing the foundation of a power plant and the calculation about the return of an investment. I hope that my work offers useful pieces of information in connection with the aforementioned for the enquirers.


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