Building a typewriting booster application

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In today’s world we use computers for work, administrative duties and for entertainment. However, most people type really slow. If these people learnt how to touch type, they could do a lot more work within a given period of time or they could have a lot more free time. If someone wants to learn touch typing, one needs a proper learning environment. This could be a book, a teacher or even an application. The environment has to be efficient and easy to get. In my opinion the solution is an application, because it is interactive, can be personalized, it forces one to actually practice, and it can be totally free too.

In my thesis I present the UWP application that I have developed. I think this application is the solution for the problem mentioned above and it will be available on Microsoft Store for free. In this paper I present the technology used during development and the requirements that the application had to meet. After that I present the whole application and the way I fulfilled the given requirements.

In my opinion the application presented in this document is the best way for a lot of people to learn how to touch type. It will be available on the popular Microsoft Store absolutely free of charge, it is interactive and it adapts to the needs of the user.


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