Typing FPS game creation with Unity3D framework

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Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

By now, there are several game engines on the market, so if somebody want to develop a game, the hardest part of the development is to find a proper engine. The most common engines are Unreal Engine 4, CryENGINE, Ogre 3D, Unity3D.

To me, the Unity engine has proved to be the best choice. As a beginner, the most important part of the selected engine is the amount of manuals, tutorials, and articles around the web. The Unity has a very solid support, so that is a big advantage. In the first chapter, I will introduce some of the most popular engines, then compare it with the Unity. I will mention some pros and cons about that engine, and write a short summary about the components that I’ve used.

The main idea of my game came from the game called The Typing of The Dead: Overkil. This game is an FPS game, but as a main input device uses the keyboard instead of the mouse. My game will do the exact same mechanism, there is a previously build court, with a path on it. The main character will move on that path automatically, from waypoint to waypoint. The goal is to eliminate the enemies with typing. Above the head of an enemy, there will be a textbox, to pass the enemy, you have to write down that letter or phrase as quick as possible. If you are too slow, then the enemy will shoot you down, but if you are fast enough you have a chance to win it all.

The single player mode contains 3 levels, and a global story to put the different levels together. The multiplayer mode inspired by the Joy-Con games for Nintendo Switch. It is a competitive game, with two player. The mechanism is easy, type the word you see faster than your partner, if you did, you win that round.

The game is made for PC only, because of the keyboard-constraint, and the aspect ratio is optimized for 16:9.


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