Developing a machine learning supported web application with Spring Boot

OData support
Jánoky László Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today machine learning and artificial intelligence are continuously developing research fields. Using them in business process is not a big deal anymore. Recommender systems, automatic spam filters or different recognition based tasks on pictures are alredy common and daily used programs. However it is a popular area and scientists predict the future with data mining and artificial intelligence, there are still many open questions not answered yet. It is an always changing issue, for what can artificial intelligence used and where can not be used. Where is the limit, how far can it be pushed, how can we utilize for our advantage, put the knowledge into practice in business modells.

In this thesis I focus how we could use machine learning mechanism in an exact problem. In this project there is an objective where machine learning algorithms might be beneficial and my goal is to examine, how effective can be this solution in this context. The topic of my work is the design and development of a web application using the Spring Boot framework and built on a machine learning solution.

In the introduction I show the details of the problem and the questions, which are planned to be answered in the end. The next session is an overview of technologies I met during the project (including some alternative solutions).

After that I write about the design preparations and the implementation of my application. It gives detailed information of the examined data, the process steps and the functionality of the machine learning algorithm used. I continue with the verification and validation of the product and I sum up the results and try to answer my questions.


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