Application of Machine Learning Methods for Scriptinformatics

OData support
Dr. Hosszú Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

The purpose of this thesis is to examine the tools of machine learning and bioinformatics. My project was to organize these functions into Matlab scripts that show how they work. The final result was the development of a toolkit to extract as much information as possible from the available computational paleography information sets. I have created a Matlab live script and a Matlab app that makes it easy to use. The data set contains properties in binary data, the final program allows processing of data sets of this or similar format. I have examined two central issues next to machine learning, on the one hand, the creation of an evolutionary tree called phylogenetics tree. This was explained by the fact that in a transparent form it is possible to draw the possible filiation of the writings. The other was the biography, which also allows the display of the data to represent the similarities of the writings with a graph. These tools primarily serve to analyze genetic data, so it was very interesting to examine their use.


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