Supporting typewriting training with adaptive methods

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During the work with my thesis I have implemented a typewrite teaching supporter application written in HTML5 in gemified environment with an adaptive algorithm, and I also have added unit tests for the application to prove the correctness of the application. For the client application I have implemented a backend running on NodeJs with a REST API and a database accessor module to guarantee the persistence of the application.

To achieve these, I had to learn about AngularJs than Angular frameworks developed by Google. To be effective with Angular I had to learn the language developed by Microsoft called TypeScript. I also had to dig into the backedns written in JavaScript, the available webserver and database accessor solutions, and the way of working of NodeJs. During the development process of the application I have used test-driven-development so I also have to learn about it.

I have to read about the terminology of the typewriting teaching to be able to design and create a technically correct and extensible adaptive algorithm.

In my thesis I will explain a previously mentioned topics, I will provide an inspection in the terminology of typewriting teaching, a basic knowledge about the MEAN stack and its structure, and also will write about test-driven-development. While I’m explaining the parts of my application I will deeply dive into the Redux pattern and all of its part including reducers, effects and actions. This will explain my choice during the design phase. I will demonstrate the unit testing of an Angular application an its part and I will give some code example to be easiear to understang.


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