Development of a vehicle fleet menagement system

OData support
Braun Patrik János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the cities of the 21st century, life and working conditions have significantly changed compared to the past. Most of the citizens moved out to suburbs, while companies installed their offices into city centers or built their factories outside of the metropolis. Although it is not universally true, most of the employees certainly have to use some form of transportation to go work. That is why a lot of firms guarantee company cars and the funds to maintain it to their workers as benefits. But it's not free for employers, so they set different terms of use; for example, the car may not be used for workers’ own purposes, or only the accredited person can drive it. To check these conditions, companies need a management system, where they can track their cars and their drivers.

The purpose of my thesis is to develop a system that stores the positions of the car and the data of the drivers with modern GPS and mobile technology. Employers can monitor these data on a dedicated system, check compliance with the rules and create usage statistics of cars. Moreover, in my thesis, my purpose is to develop a mobile application, where employees also can track their car and monitor its statistics, for example driven distances, or fuel usage.

During my work, firstly I define the task to solve and compare it with existing solutions. Then I specify system requirements and inspect which of the most up-to-date technologies I can use to perform my task. Then I design and implement this system, and document its most important parts. Finally, I test the system in both a simulated and a real environment.


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