Determining the orientation of a vehicle for Black Box functionality

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The primary goal of my thesis is to develop an orientation estimator device, that can be used to help the decision making process in road accident situations. To estimate the orientation I use accelerometer and gyroscope signals.

My thesis begins with a short introduction, which presents the functions and goals of an in car black box and Inertial Measurment Unit. This is followed by a survey for background technologies. The background technologies include mathematical descriptions of orientation modeling by utilization of sensor fusion. The sensor fusion is done by using different algorithms like Kálmán and Madwick and complementary filters and it uses the signals of the accelerometer and gyroscope.

After, the overview of the theoretical background I focus on the introduction of the important elements of the electronics, that Xtalin Ltd. offered to me during my work.

The next chapter is the most important part of my thesis, where I analyze and compare to the implement algorithms. Comparison is done by using measurements in evaluated situations. These evaluated situations are not real word accidents, but simple laboratory situations. After the comparison of the algorithms, I introduce my GUI, which is able to represent the orientation of an object in 3D.

Finally, I summarize the results of my work and, I suggest topics for further development.


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