Automotive radar and it’s Characterization

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Dr. Seller Rudolf
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

This is my abstract of my thesis ’The Operation and Possibilities of Characterization of Automotive Radars.

After a general overview of the radar theory, I analyze the radar characteristics and its applications in detail. I examine extensively the FMCW radar modulation and signal processing in order to better understand the automotive radars. In my thesis I deal with the applications of the current automotive radar technique and the complex sensor fusion ADAS systems and then I rough out the future opportunities inherent in them as well. In addition to the development of radar sensors, the continuous effective and thorough testing and simulation are essential. After giving a description of the radar system model influencing factors, I present possible solutions of testing from simple simulations to radar target generators, possessing versatile settings. With the contribution of TU Graz Institut für Fahrzeugtechnik, I had the opportunity to conduct meausurements with Continental ARS 308 automotive radar. The results and my experiences are summarized at the end of my thesis.


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