Development of a Car Fleet Management Application on Software AG platform

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The goal of my Thesis was to plan and to develop a fleet manager application that companies can use on multiple platforms. I developed the application for web and mobile surface, so anyone can use the advantage of the modern world – it can be accessed on multiple devices to administrate data. These apps can be an integrated part of a company’s existing Enterprise Resource System.

The research and development work were carried out at itelligence Hungary Ltd., where this application should replace the previous solution to the problem. As there is no such fleet handling application, it was my duty to carry out an application for many devices. My goal is to create a better way to store and handle fleet data, which is user-friendly and has an easy-to-handle interface. The application must have a trustable back-end, and exact database.

In my Thesis I gather the available information of the fleet managing applications used nowadays. I show the webMethods Designer’s web and mobile developing tool and compare the web development to another application framework. The front-end development requires HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery technologies to use. The back-end development was carried out with webMethods application framework.

For testing the applications, I use unit, functionality and integration tests, with which I check the proper working of the apps. I test user experience on the final application too, so I can measure the satisfaction of the users with the finished program. Finally – as to look in the future a bit - I present the possible ways of improvement.

The final applications are able to handle car data (add new car, modify existing car, delete car data). For each car stored in database, you can add monthly the fuel use of the vehicle. On the monitoring page, real time refreshing diagrams and demonstrations can be seen. Due to the two-level access management, users can be provided their very own privileges to the program.


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