Investigation of manufacturing process of automotive accumulator sensor

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Dr. Hurtony Tamás József
Department of Electronics Technology

During my thesis work I studied a special soldering process in the production of electronic battery sensor. In this step of the production two main parts of the product are attached together by soft soldering.

I designed and carried out experiments to adopt the specifications of the soldering quality checking points. Based on the results of my observation deficiencies of the inspection method has been identified. Further tests were carried out in order to find their root causes. Based on the tests results the possible causes of the soldering failures were identified.

Relying on the previous results my intention was not only to reduce the quantity of the production losses, but I would like to verify the effectiveness of the process too. Therefore, I have run test production, where I used a redesigned stencil. The soldering rejects were significantly reduced by changing the structure of the stencil pattern. Based on the conclusions of the test production, the defects of the soldering inspection method were also revealed.


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