Considering green aspects in core network design

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Dr. Zsóka Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In this paper, I show what role the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry plays in the global climate change, how it tries to reduce its CO2 emission and how important it is and will be in the emission reduction of other industries. Particularly I discuss in details the ways of increasing energy efficiency in networks.

I give an overview of interesting industrial researches and methods that deal with the economical operation of networks. I show what efficiency can be expected from the introduction of such technologies. From the various methods I discuss and model a process based on the control of network topology.

I investigate in my own designed network model - corresponding to an ISP network -how we can shut down the individual routers and links at various traffic demands for the sake of increasing energy efficiency still guaranteeing the connectivity at maximum link utilization constraint.

After that I analyze the results and compare them with the theoretical ones.

Finally, I examine what extent this method contributes to the reduction of global emission.


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