Gesture based drawing on Samsung Smart TV platform

OData support
Bartalis István Mátyás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In this semester I created a drawing application on the Samsung Smart TV platform. This application uses the gesture recognition features of the platform, so it offers advanced possibilities to draw pictures with bare hands. The gesture recognition is able to recognize one and two-handed gestures. The application development is based on web standards, like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The platform grants a framework and some plugins for developing applications. Though I decided to write an own framework based on earlier experiences, so I could develop easier and a more abstract application, which was needed based on prior ideas.

In the application we can choose any color for drawing, and there are more tools available to use. We can choose pencil, brush tools, and a “bucket” tool, which can fill an entire area with a specific color. We can draw some shapes too. We can use two handed gestures with these tools to set their properties and modify their behavior. We can undo or redo our drawing actions with two-handed gestures. The application handles half-opaque layers, so we can use them to draw more complex pictures.

The application can save the drawn pictures, and load them for later editing. All the layers and their data is stored on saving and restored on opening. The application communicates with a server, which stores the saved pictures. The saving and opening is running on a PHP based server-side application.


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