Gesture recognition in computer interface

OData support
Dr. Pataki Béla József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The essay presents the current experimental and industrial technologies of motion gesture on the field of imaging to the reader. After choosing one from the technologies, the essay shows the potential capabilities of the selected technology (in the current paper it’s the Microsoft Kinect), taking into account the length of this document.

The essay shows a short by-pass at these technologies and gives a summary about them. A short comment will be shown on the selected technology after the summary, which lays down the basics for the rest of the paper. After all these, the demonstration of the application development process starts. First of all, the development steps of the base application will be shown, which purpose is to demonstrate the capabilities of the device. After these, the paper digs deeper into the features of the device and it also have a look at the important application components, which makes the users be able to control the application with gestures. The reader will get to know the gestures which makes the application work, and also the back end of these gestures. After all this, the paper will show some test cases and future upgrade possibilities.


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