Implementation of gestrure and sound controlled paint apllication for Smart TV

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Bartalis István Mátyás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Couple years ago, the Smart TV technology appeared on the market, and since the television experience as we knew has been dramaticaly changed. Now, we are not only watching the TV, but browsing on the internet on it, using Youtube and other applications with it while it has slowly become our main entertaining centre.

In recent years the technology has rapidly evolved on the entertainment field, the voice and movement controlled TVs, technologies, augmented reality devices have flooded the market. The voice and movement control has made the TV into something more interactive experience. This technology has became part of our everyday life. As more and more family can afford to have one, the development has became easier and a lot faster. Nowadays this technology allow us to change channel, control volume, switch applications on TV with literally one word or movement.

During the last semester I had concentrated on Samsung Smart TV and I had developed my application onto this device in Eclipse environment by using HTML5 and JavaScript programming languages. The latest features in HTML5, for example the canvas unit, allow us to visualize a resolution-free bit image paintboard. By using JavaScript subroutines we can draw various 2D elements and shapes onto this paintboard.

My application is a drawing program for Samsung Smart TV, in which we can draw various shapes (e.g.: circles, rectangles, lines) in multiple colours, also we can draw onto preinstalled pictures.


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