Development of gesture based application for Asus Xtion Pro camera

OData support
Dr. Györke Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The previous semester I was working on a gesture handler software for ASUS Xtion PRO camera. The motion tracking program was already available. My work was to create gestures that the application could recognize and call given function based on them. The gesture handler application worked on both Windows and Linux platforms, but I after I finished working with the gesture functions I further developed the framework only on Windows. My aim was to implement various keyboard and mouse controlling operations based on gestures, then connect those with a frame in order to make a useful program which keeps and improves the cognitive functions of the elderly and children with various disabilities. To achieve that, I made a gesture-controlled application with an Xtion camera to recall memories.

The camera image viewing and the recognition of gestures was made in C++, while the software framework itself was written in C# programming language. In the latter case my main goal was to create an own archive which contains video and image viewer surfaces, which are also equipped with additional functions. Thus, the user has the option of searching through videos or images, watching their own album in slideshow for example, or playing a random video from their personal library.

In my thesis I introduce why these applications are worth to develop and for who and how can it be helpful. Then I explain my technical solutions in detail, present the test results of the the finished software, and finally discuss how the software could be further developed.


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