Modeling of a guitar amplifier box

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Dr. Fiala Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In this study the sound and build-up of the valve guitar amplifier is analysed. It is necessary because the guitar amplifier not only increases the power of the guitar signal but also distorts it. The reason for that is the special technology of the amplification which contributes to the final sounding.

After modeling the non-linear characteristic of the vacuum tubes which are in this type of amplifiers, the effects which alternate the sound is become reproducible. The aim was elaborating a physical model which describes how the non-linear system operates. By using a model like that the signal of the guitar can be modified, in order to get a voice which has all the sounding characteristics of the valve guitar amplifier.

First I had studied the effects of a valve guitar amplifier on sinus signals and after that I designed the physical model of the amplifier with MATLAB. By the help of these observations a new software was evolved, which can simulate the effects of a real guitar amplifier.


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