The effect of solid body on the sound of electric guitars

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Dr. Augusztinovicz Gusztáv Fülöp
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In this work, two investigation methods are demonstrated of the effect of the solid body to the electric signal of the pick-up (in other words, the resulting tone) of a self chosen electric guitar.

The first method helped to investigate the mechanic behavior of the guitar wood by means of modal analysis, and also I examined the effect of vibration of the body to the strings as the result of mechanic excitation. The measurement is performed two ways. First I hung up the guitar to a metal frame with a wire. That way I could isolate the guitar from outside effects. The second way I stiffenered the guitar with a vise-like structure which signicicantly changed the mechanic beaviour of the body.

The second method were used to investigate the effect of picking to the mechanic behavior of the guitar body when it was hung up. For that I used a picking device and I also performed the measurement with fingerpicking.

In the paper I describe the two methods and the consequences I drew from the measurments and eventually I summarize the experiences and make some proposals for further work.


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