Vapour Phase Soldering

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Dr. Géczy Attila
Department of Electronics Technology

Every company in the industrial scene, which is involved in reflow technologies, offer different vapour phase soldering equipment using the vapour phase technology. There are different aspects and examples of the vapour phase soldering machinery. One point is common in these machines: the used heat transfer fluid is Galden. In the first part of my thesis I examine the known producers and products, according to the available data. The point of the investigation was to get acquainted with the given constructions and working principles. At the second half of my thesis work, I could use the gained experience and knowledge to construct an experimental soldering oven, according to the realization possibilities. It is an economically optimal solution to use an existing device construction and modify it to the given needs, while a totally new design may reach high costs, which is not feasible at the scale of a thesis work. The advantage of a custom machine is that it can be optimized according to any requirement. In the case of the chosen device, there were some compromises, however there was a stainless tank and a heater module already, which was available as a starting point.

It was necessary to perform some further modification with the system. I have installed a cooler system to the lid of the oven, I have thermally insulated the body of the device in order to minimize the loss of energy. I have decoupled the original control, to replace it with a custom, own solution with an outer power supply. I have performed test soldering tasks in the oven. I have used Galden HT 170 type heat transfer fluid, and bismuth-based lead free solder paste, with 138 °C melting point. I have performed control tests in IR type reflow oven as well. The results were evaluated with shear force measurements, then the results were compared. The final evaluation showed that there was no significant difference between the two soldering approaches. Concluding, I found that the experimental vapour phase soldering oven is capable of producing solder joints in the required quality.


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