Using Graph Databases in Business Applications

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

These days it becomes more and more popular to use a database management system that does not use the traditional relational data storage model. These systems are called NoSQL (not only SQL) systems, which most important qualities are that they do not store data in datatables and they do not use the SQL language to define queries.

Nowadays the database management systems, which are using a graph data storage model, belong to one of the most popular NoSQL technologies. This storage model is highly capable of representing such data sets, which contains a lot of complex relationships.

During the completion of my thesis, my goal was to compare a graph and a relational database and decide whether the graph storage model is adequate for business purposes. First I implemented an application, that can convert an existing relational database into a graph database, because I held it a decisive condition, whether a normalized relational business schema can be interpreted as a graph.

After the creation of the database I designed an application, that implements certain business functions and offers a solution for given business needs.

Finally I compared the pros and cons of both technologies and evaluated the applicability of graph databases in the business sector upon the given results.


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