Java-based Tool for Understanding and Demonstrating Graph Algorithms

OData support
Dr. Katona Gyula
Department of Computer Science and Information Theory

Many of us are surrounded by computers. They are serving us in our apartments, by the traffic or in our jobs. They can help the doctors to examine us, or register the money in our bank accounts. We use them to entertain us, in our social life or when we need information irrespectively of place and time. In order of the reliable operation of these machines and the systems which are containing them, a lot of well-trained professionals are needed. And the road which leads up to there is paved with learning.

The engineers of the near future probably will meet with the beauty of the graph-theory by their studies, because the graphs are very widely used modelling tools. Many real-life situation can be perceived as a graph example, thus one can choose a well-known, well-functioning algorithm to solve the problem. So we do not need to invent the wheel, we shall follow the beaten track, however, this requires the understanding of the various graph algorithms.

The object of my thesis is to implement an easy-to-use graphical toolkit which helps the effortless understanding of graph algorithms for the inexperienced students. My aim is not only the demonstration of how graph algorithms work but cross-platform portability for the widespread use and capability for self learning.


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