Development of a graphical IoT programming environment

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the case of graphical programming we do not write code, instead we connect objects on a multi-dimensional workspace according to specific rules like pieces of a puzzle. The usage of different colors and shapes makes the process visually easily transparent and understandable.

IoT or Internet of Things are electric devices connected to a network that uses sensors to measure their environment and motors to control it.

The purpose of my thesis is to create an application with a graphical programming interface which can be used to create and run programs for various IoT devices. First, I introduce some existing visual programming solutions and select one that will be the foundation of my own software. I review all the technologies that build up the application step-by-step including how they can work together and what problems I had to solve. In the finished application, the user can not only assemble the software in a graphical interface but the commands can also be executed. In the second part of the thesis I describe the challenges I faced when finding a way to run the codes in a safe and interruptible way. Finally, I list the steps needed to add support for a new IoT device in the application. To make this happen the software’s codebase doesn’t need to be changed which makes this solution truly versatile.


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