Graphical interface for developing process control applications

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Dr. Horváth Tamás Imre
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This Thesis project is about a graphical user interface for developing process control applications.

The first chapter is the introduction which is a short review about the aim of this thesis.

The second chapter is about the solar control system developed in Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology. In this chapter, some procurable applications are presented in order to specify our goals and requirements.

The third chapter is about the specifiaction, development environment and the software design. The design contains both the analysis modell and the user interface specification.

The 4th chapter is about the implementation. Some items described in the software design chapter are explained in details.

The 5th chapter is about the testing. After explaining some small algorithm code parts generated by basic device connections, an algorithm creation of a simple real solar control system is described step by step.

The 6th chapter is the summary where some possible improvement opportunities are also described.


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