Universal laser controller software design in visual programming language

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

I adumbrate the operation of lasers, then I present some different type of laser machining station, focusing on the most common types of industries. Based on the literature I compare the types.

The practical work happened on the Electronic Technology Department on a Nd: YAG laser station and a connected electrically adjustable table. These two devices are operated by separated controller cards. These devices controlling programme codes were needed to develop by me. The aim was to create a code that control the table, perform auto-focusing, and can be modified dynamically with each laser parameters. I joined to a project, I conducted a promising work already undertaken by the consultant, which is meant to be replaced the laser machining station software in the near future.

Programme code was written in LabVIEW development environment. The main focus of my thesis is the structure and operation of the completed program detailing subunits within each function.

Simple geometric shapes were used to cut off for the complete control testing using different laser parameters furthermore examined the accuracy of spatial movement of the desktop.

Finally, the thesis closing summarized the possible development guidelines on how to make the system faster, more efficient, optimized and expand the available functions.


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