Development of a graphical user and management interface for passive positioning system on Android based devices

OData support
Gódor Győző
Department of Networked Systems and Services

As an electrical engineer student at Budepest University of Technology and Economics, I chose the Department of Networked Systems and Services for my faculty. I have been participating in a university project since the second semester of 2012/2013. The goal was to create a positioning system, which can locate people indoors, and show their positions quickly and properly.

Not only we wanted to implement the positioning system in computing environment, we also decided to create an application for cellphones, with functions similar to the desktop software. For example in case of emergency this Android app could help firefighters find people in a building full of smoke.

The main component of the positioning system is an image generating algorithm, which was created in a MATLAB environment by Benjámin Boskó. The portable device receives the values computed by the algorithm. Using this Android application, besides displaying the results, we can also configure the parameters of the MATLAB server. The information of the area covered by our network must be stored in a database, so its contents can be reached easily via webserver from our mobile phone. My task was to develop the application along with the webserver and the database.

In the first part of my thesis the algorithms and methods used for passive positioning are explained, then a quick glimpse into the developed system is shown. I also review the design of my software and describe how the webserver serves the Android client. Finally I summarize the experience gained developing my programme and give proposition about future expansions.


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