Development of a graphical user interface for airport passenger flow simulation

OData support
Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In recent years, increasing air traffic has caused a major rise of passenger flow at airport terminals, making safe and comfortable passenger handling a difficult task. In order to support airport operators, a suitable simulation framework, capable of modeling passenger flow in different situations should be proposed. However, such a framework should be user friendly and present simulation results in a format which airport operators can interpret easily. This Thesis presents the development of a graphical user interface for an existing coloured Petri-net based simulation toolbox implemented in Matlab environment.

The first part presents the simulation framework along with its internal data structures and algorithms used for the simulation of models. Based on detailed analysis of execution times of various simulations, methods for optimizing the implemented algorithms are proposed, confirmed by the presentation of improvements in execution time.

The second part of the Thesis presents the graphical user interface for modeling and simulating airport passenger terminals. Based on the requirements, system design and implementation is presented in detail and the resulting graphical interface is presented through an example.


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