Development of a graphical user interface for a component generating Java code based on stored procedures

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

A frequently run process at my current workplace is generating Java source files from stored procedures living inside our local databases. This process has three stages: first, XML documents are generated from the database, then we add some metadata to these, and finally an existing software creates .java files based upon the documents. Out of these stages, the second one required manual XML editing, which was a tedious and time consuming job.

The purpose of my project was to create a system and a corresponding thick client software to manage the whole process, and, in particular, to aid the operations taking place in the second stage, enabling a simple and intuitive workflow. The final product would integrate and parameterize the existing programs already used to execute the first and the third stage of the process, and would provide an interface to the middle stage.

The thesis starts with a brief introduction, followed by the detailed documentation of the planning phase and the implementation, along with the encountered obstacles and their respective solutions. Finally, it ends with the possible future improvements and a short summary.


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