Graphical user interface development for installation and parameter optimization of machine-tools

OData support
Dr. Horváth Péter
Department of Electron Devices

The companies that manufacture various tools always wanted to produce as many workpieces as possible in the shortest possible time. As the industry evolved and the users’ demands increased, the hand-controlled machine tools became too slow to produce the required number of workpieces. The desired yield could only be reached by a drastic reduction in the manpower requirement of the work process. This brought about the introduction of the numeric control devices that had a mechanized work process and could produce more precisely finished workpieces in a much shorter time. In the controlling of machine tools, the advent of computers was a major milestone, because by using these systems the companies were able to implement a totally automated work flow. The computer-controlled machine tools are called CNC machines in the industry.

To facilitate the handling of these CNC machines, various types of so-called operator panels are used, with the help of which the engineers are able to produce workpieces that suit the customers’ requirements. During my work I gained insight into the programming of the user interface running on such an operator panel developed by Siemens. My task was to display in a user view the parameters needed for a given commissioning step and make these parameters configurable through the same interface. Furthermore, a way to easily configure the contents of the user view needed to be provided, to enable users without software developer skills to create their own views.


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