Functional testing of electronic devices with graphical display

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Automatic test systems play an important role in several fields of industrial testing, in both the development and the construction process. In the case of factory testing examination of the vital functions is sufficient, however under the development procedure longterm validation tests are required to check product quality. For these kind of tests, it is a complex development, which results in a system that is capable of constantly supervising the visual elements.

The topic of this thesis is the design of a test system with capability of monitoring visual elements. The implemented system enables the control and supervision of a car dashboard. The control protocols are CAN and LIN. Under the development procedure pictures are made about the dashboard gauges and pictograms, after that these pictures are processed in order to verify the correct operation.

The modules used for the CAN and LIN based communication are implemented with XNET framework from National Instruments. The digital multimeter, which was used for measurement purposes, and the power supply are connected to the industrial computer through LAN. They are controlled by SCPI commands. The image processing tasks are handled by the Vision package which is available for LabVIEW.

The designed system is suitable for controlling the car dashboard and it can detect the state of pictograms and pointer gauges. Moreover HTML reports can be generated about the result of the executed test steps. The system can store the measurement results in TDMS files in daily resolution.


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