Graphical Configuration File Editor

OData support
Dr. Adamis Gusztáv
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The topic of my thesis - and part of my tasks to be carried out at Ericsson Hungary Kft – was to create a configuration file editing application architecture, a design and implementation plan. This task was complex and complicated, and took a lot of care, as there already had been an existing program to improve upon, and change. My primary task was to design the architecture, which required thorough and detailed work. This phase was suitable, to map out possible weaknesses and errors, facilitating the programming process. The planning process was extremely complex, which was followed by preparation of the multi-phase implementation plan.

On the one hand it required knowledge of the program already in operation, its functions and structure as welll. I had to carefully pay attention to keep improving the application and to make sure that the suggested development efforts do not require time-consuming and unnecessary modifications to the existing program code. Therefore, it was important for the planning stage that I made the right selection of application to collaborate easily and effectively. A significant part was made up by the selection process research and detailed analysis of the documentation of the applications. The possible applications are the final programs were selected based on the results of a comprehensive test period.

During the actual work, I successfully developed the appropriate steps that comply to the higher requirements for the development of configuration file editing application. The steps are simple and effective design of the executable implementation is also kept in mind. My aim was to develop and improve the existing program, so that the application is capable of processing multi-value configuration files, or storing project information.

In my thesis shows the theoratical preparation of this process and the practical implementation.


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