Display System Development for Business Objects’s Graphics on Android

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The thesis is linked to the mobile informatics. During preparation of the thesis I have studied the development of the mobile network, the mobile informatics current situation and future development. I have also studied the application of mobile informatics in enterprise application systems. I gained much knowledge of the data access methods used in mobile informatics: online, offline, push and mixed data access; furthermore the mobile development tools: the Java J2ME platform, the HTML5 technology, the cross-platform software development and the native encoding.

I was involved in two projects, where I was successful to design and develop two mobile applications using MobiAccess4.0 mobile development framework: MobilMed and Smart Enterprise Analytics applications.

MobilMed allows users to search for medicine in the stored database; the users can view information such as the medicine name, active ingredients, presentation, leaflet, etc. The application can be used on Android and BlackBerry platforms.

With Smart Enterprise Analytics application, which works on Android platform on current version, we can draw enterprise reports on several kinds of graphical diagrams, like line chart, column chart, stacked column chart, line-column combination chart and pie chart. The reports data is stored in a central database, which the users can save on the mobile device for next time drawing without having to connect to the central database. The user can configure through the wizards which information of a report to be drawn. During the application development I have developed some graphical elements and added them to the framework application programming interface (API) so we can draw graphical diagram using it.


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