Graphical development environment for NetFPGA platform

OData support
Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays multimedia content, and in general, the Internet and other network services are quite widespread, and they demand continuously growing requirements for the physical network serving them. These requirements show an ever-growing tendency in terms of transfer speeds, complexity of networking devices, and of course quality assurance as well.

The goal for this thesis is to create a graphical designing solution for the NetFPGA-1G card – which is moderately well known among universities and other places. The modular structure of the graphical designing environment provides a simple way to develop, create, and test network devices for an FPGA environment.

After the technological overview, this project will review the used hardware and software components, and go through the designing, and implementation steps towards creating a graphical design environment, with respect to resource assignment in an efficient way. The NetFPGA networking card is widespread among universities and engineers, thus plentiful documentation, use-case and project can be found. In this thesis, I want to add a new element to this set of projects by creating a graphical designing solution where network devices can be designed and synthesized by adding „boxes” and „wiring” them together, even without writing a single line of code. Adding a new functionality to an existing device simplifies to adding a new box into the existing ones, specificating the behavior in one of the supported HDL language, placing into the right place, and wiring accordingly, and re-synthesize the project.


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