Graphical library development for FRT dashboard

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Like the other noted universities of the world the Budapest University of Technology

and Economics is participating in the international Formula Student competition

of erectors. The main challenge of the team constituented by mechanical

engineers, transportation engineers, electrical engineers and economists is to develop

and implement a working race-car and the corresponding business strategy.

As a member of the hungarian team I built the dashboard module, which

forms a separate unit of the electronic system in the vehicle. The circuit placed

in the steering wheel evaluates the informations got via the communication system

of the car, sends control messages to the other parts of the electronic system, and

displays numerical informations important for the pilot and the development team

on a large LCD. The pilot can control the other electronic parts of the car by the buttons

of the dashboard, it provides a standard interface to make the car working.

In my thesis I delineate in details the structure of the applied hardware- and

software-architecture, and finally I analyse the further development opportunities.


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