Benchmarking graph query engines for model validation problems

OData support
Búr Márton
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Verifying the well-formedness of a model is highly important in model-driven developments.

The validation of predetermined constraints is run by querying with

different tools. In addition, faults get injected and corrected into the model during

the development process. The tools can be compared based on how much time they

need to be finished. The Train Benchmark project concentrates such an evaluation

on model which consists of railway elements. The Train Benchmark has already been

implemented for ten tools. This thesis is about to describe how the Train Benchmark

operates. It also shows the performing process of the benchmarking on two graph

database tools. Moreover, it demonstrates an additional tool, named Graph Engine,

which was developed by Microsoft. Afterwards, it assesses the benchmarking of the

Graph Engine and compares it with the results of the other two tools. Besides, it

gives a general summary of the particularity of graph databases. In the end, it sums

up the advantages and disadvantages of the Graph Engine.


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