Runtime verification based on graph queries

OData support
Dr. Vörös András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The rapid development of technology leads to the rise of Cyber-Physical Systems even in the field of safety critical systems like railway, robot, and self-driving car systems. Cyber-physical systems process a huge amount of data coming from sensors and other information sources and it often has to provide real-time feedback and reaction.

Cyber-Physical Systems are often critical, which means that their failure can lead to serious injuries or even loss of human lives. Ensuring correctness is an important issue, however traditional design-time verification approaches can not be applied due to the complex interaction with the environment, the distributed behavior and the intelligent controller solutions. Runtime analysis provides a solution where graph-based specification languages and analysis algorithms are the proper means to analyze the behavior of cyber-physical systems at runtime. Existing approaches from the literature formed the basis of our work: I developed a runtime verification framework to analyze the local behavior of the components and ensure the correctness of the systems.

I extended the framework to support a richer set of possible specifications and I implemented the corresponding algorithms. I provided a language to support the integration of sensor information to the knowledge base.


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